(Only for guys aged 25-35 want to kick start fat loss fat, and get fitter in 2017...)
the fat loss Checklist
How To Make Sure You Start The Right Fat Loss Plan In January 2017
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Video 1:
The Fat loss Checklist
Learn exactly what you need to look for from a fat loss program to make sure you strip away that unwanted belly fat, maximise your fitness with the right workouts time, fuel your body for fat burning success, and stay on track until you're buying that new slim fit shirt.
Video 2:
What Workouts Work
Get a solid understanding of what workouts you need to be doing as a 25-35 year old guy to ensure you maximise every minute of your training, and learn why spending hours on cardio machines is just a waste of time. 
Video 3:
Ultimate Fat Loss Plan
Watch as Jamie (big-wig at FITblurb) pulls back the curtains on the ultimate fat loss plan that'll help you get lean, burn off tons of fat, and take your fitness to the next level in January 2017, and beyond.
about your instructor...
Hey, I'm Jamie Lynch the guy behind  'FITblurb'. I'm a health and fitness nut with one simple objective...helping 25-35 year old guys lose fat, get fit, and get their confidence back.

I know what it's like to suffer from depression, to start fitness program, only to give up on them a week or two later. I've been there binge watching Netflix until the early hours, demolishing bags of M&M's, only to wake up knackered for work the next day. And I've been caught in that cycle for weeks on end.

However, I've come out the other side. In fact, in 2016 alone, I've personally managed to lose 5% body fat (about 18lbs), add a decent amount of muscle, and concur strength challenges that seemed impossible just a short time ago. I want to help make 2017 your year!
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