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How To Lose Fat From Your Stomach And Get Super Fit & Healthy In Just 6 Weeks Without Starving Yourself Or Joining A Gym 

- As used & trusted by 117+ other guys aged 25-35 years old including Mike who was able to tell his wife "I don't feel fat" after his 6 weeks with GETlean

Are You Ready to Release the Fit and Health Dude Inside by Joining a Thriving Group of Guys Just Like You?  

6 Week Jump Start Programme

Get my proven fat loss plan that has helped other guys lose 14-37ls in just 6 weeks (previously sold for £497).

Vital Community Support 

Stop struggling to start healthy habits - let me and all the other members motivate and support you 24/7.

Always Being Updated

New workouts and recipes added all the time so that you can continue to burn stubborn fat and never get bored.

Check out the Incredible Results Some of My Members Have Had

One of the guys who's already joined GETlean is Clive. Clive was really struggling with his weight, and was fed up with grabbing cushions on the sofa to hide his belly. He was even too ashamed to catch his reflection in the mirror each morning as he rushed out the door to work.  

In just 3 weeks, Clive had lost 22lbs and 3 inches off each thigh!  

Check out his progress photo below...

In fact, Clive had a pair of jeans that he was hopping he'd fit into by the end of the 6 weeks. But within just 3 weeks of starting...these jeans are already WAY TOO BIG for him!  

Not only that...he needs to buy a new belt to keep them up because he's run out of notches on it...  

He's already having to set his goals way higher for the end of the 6 weeks!

Clive's Not the Only Success Though...

“I am made up with the progression I have seen in myself, my confidence is better and I am starting to like what I see in the mirror… For the first time in my life I actually told my wife, “I don’t feel fat”  

- Mike, Current Member

“I haven’t felt this good in a long time… Over 16lbs off and major changes in body shape and measurements…even went out and bought a new suit.”  

- Feargal, Current Member  

Lost a total of 4 stone...seeing your first weeks results will shock a lot of you...”

He did this in less than 4 months! 

- Ryan, Current Member 

I have lost over 2.5 stone since March, smashing my original goal from the start of the program…never thought in my wildest dreams I would be lining out in a senior hurling championship match..” 

- Damien, Current Member  

“A late day with this but end of week 4 weigh in just done and super chuffed! 11lbs off since I started.

- Allan, Current Member  

Loads more energy and not sluggish in the mornings” 

- Gary, Current Member  

I lost 2 stone in six weeks feel very happy in my own skin now… also given up cigarettes” 

- Tim, Current Member 

“As of this morning I am 2st 4lbs lighter… Stomach is so much flatter it’s hard to believe. The change to my confidence and day to day life is incredible too. So much happier with who I am these days.”  

- Tom, Current Member  

“Another 2lbs gone! 1 stone lighter after 3 weeks.” Ross has also told me he’s, “Down a belt size. Down an inch around the gut.” 

- Ross, Current Member 

3 weeks in...and 15lbs down”  

- Aaron, Current Member  

About 20lbs/9kgs better than a month ago.” 

- Steve, Current Member 

Started at 17st now 15st 5...feeling much healthier...craving the gym rather than junk food”  

- Jay, Current Member  

“Have been feeling the changes already just 2 weeks in...and have had positive comments from colleagues and friends that they can see the difference...looks like I’ve lose approx 7lbs (in 3 weeks) since joining the programme... Very happy with how it's all going so far” 

- Ajeet, Current Member 

Everything You Need to Lose Fat From Your Stomach and Get Super Fit and Healthy Without Starving Yourself or Having to Join a Gym

Here are the 8 most important tools you must have if you want to shift your gut, and keep it off for good...

  • Expert Help and Motivation - Ask your health and fitness questions anytime, any place and get them answered by a guys fat-loss expert
  • Community of Like-Minded Guys - Progress alongside other lads in a similar position, rely on them for support and feed off their enthusiasm
  • Time Efficient Workouts - Make progress with short 20-25 minute workouts that burn fat and skyrocket your fitness without needing to join a gym
  • Fat Burning Recipes - Know what you should eat so you can shift that belly and those love handles, whilst still enjoying the tasty stuff you love
  • Results Tracking - Stay motivated as you see your weight dropping on the scales and your belly shrinking in the mirror month after month
  • Ongoing Support - Keep the weight off and stay focused instead of yo-yoing up and down on the scales like you’ve done in the past 
  • Available 24/7 - Access all your workouts, healthy recipes and the community whenever you need them, you just need an internet connection
  • Proven Path to Follow - Take all the guess work out of losing your gut and getting in shape by following a plan that’s proven to shift 10-37lbs in just 6 weeks


*including shipping and your first month membership to the GETlean Gang (worth £19) - then £19/month for continued access (you can cancel anytime)

Here’s How to Kick Start Your Results

Lose 10-37lbs with the Proven 6 Week Fat Loss Programme Included for All New Members

Quick Fat Burning Workouts  

Delivered weekly, you get 3 bodyweight workouts per week that take no longer than 20-25 minutes to do. All you need is your body, and enough room to do a pushup - no equipment necessary

Custom Workout App  

Track all of your workouts on your smartphone, as well as your results in the custom workout app available within 24hrs of when you sign up  

Health Boosting and Gut Shrinking Nutrition Plans  

Know exactly what you should be eating everyday to maximise your fat loss goals whilst still enjoying your favourite foods each week - including an example shopping list to help you stock your cupboards with the right foods  

Fast Track Detox Guide  

Proven to help guys lose 4-16lbs and feel more energised, you get the full 10-day Detox Guide. You’ll be eating plenty of real meals - not dodgy meal replacement shakes

Plan Specific Recipes  

Cook the meals that’ll fuel your body with what it needs whilst allowing you to shed the excess fat from your chest and gut

Deal with Any Diet Challenge  

Always know what to do to stay ‘on plan’ whether it’s a night out with the lads, a work lunch or a date with your girlfriend - the Foundations of Nutrition Guide will help you through it all

Who's This For?

  • You're a guy between 25 and 35 years old 
  • You have love handles that you hate seeing
  • You would say you're 'out of shape and not very fit'
  • You're super busy, and have struggled to stick to a fitness plan in the past
  • You would love to lose at least 1 stone in 6 weeks
  • You are prepared to limit your alcohol intake to a few drinks per week 
  • You can commit to exercising at least 20-25 minutes 3 times per week
  • You're prepared to track your progress weekly and shares your wins with me 
  • You're willing to sweat during your workouts and won't give up when it gets tough
  • You want to create new healthy habits that will last a lifetime

All These Guys Are Just Like You (And It's Worked for Them)

 He then lost even more weight in the next week...

And Chris didn't stop there - check it out...

He kept on losing fat...

He kept on reducing the size of his gut...

Positive comments, and he just couldn't stop dropping the fat


*including shipping and your first month membership to the GETlean Gang (worth £19) - then £19/month for continued access (you can cancel anytime)

Who Am I, and Why Can I Help?

Hi, my name is Jamie Lynch,  

I help guys aged 25-35 to lose their fat gut, gain strength and to feel comfortable in their own skin again. I've gone through this journey myself, and now I help others to do the same...

 I Used To Be A Depressed, Overweight 20 Something

Back in 2015 I was unfit, out of shape and spent most of my time binging on crap food and Netflix.  

I was living on my own with no desire to cook decent meals, and being depressed because how out of shape I was physically had taken it's toll on me.  

Looking back, I remember avoiding my reflection in mirror... Ashamed of hiding in t-shirts that were a size too big... Even giving my mates rubbish excuses as to why I "couldn't make it" yet again... It was all because I lacked confidence in my body, and hated myself for it.  

I'd become a pro at lying to myself about the state of my health!

The Turning Point

At the start of 2016 I went away on holiday Snowboarding in France. I was away with great group of mates. And we'd booked out an epic chalet - it looked like it was going to be an awesome week!  

Thing of the big attractions to the chalet was it's hot tub. All my mates were diving in, having a good time - and one by one, they all tried to get me to join them.  

I couldn't bring myself to get in. I was too embarrassed about how out of shape I was. In fact, all I could think about was, "What will my mates be thinking about my fat belly and man boobs?"  

It was on that holiday that I finally realised how unhappy I was in my own skin! I decided, "enough was enough!"

As soon as I got back off holiday, I started sorting myself out. I worked out regularly and began to enjoy eating healthy food again (and way fewer M&M's).

This harsh wake up call was actually just what I needed. I'd reached the bottom, and I wasn't going to stay there.

What Changed?

Instead of binging on M&M's, or staying up until the early hours to watch "just one more" episode on Netflix, and waking up knackered everyday... I started exercising regularly, and eating healthy meals.  

...I wasn't even exercising how most "fitness pros" would suggest to lose fat.  

  • I wasn't running for miles and miles, day after day...
  • I wasn't doing hours, and hours of boring cardio
  • I wasn't even going to the gym (!!!)
  • And I wasn't starving myself, and eating horrible "weight loss" foods 

Yet, I managed to lose 5% body fat in under 9 months - about 20-18lbs of fat. I was back to playing football regularly (and one of the fittest on the pitch). And my friends started to tell me how good I was looking, and asking me to help them with their fat loss.  

Today, I'm comfortable in my own skin again... My confidence is back... And I feel like I really am in the prime of my life!

Now it’s my job to help other guys experience the same change for themselves, and I help them do that with this programme - GETlean!


*including shipping and your first month membership to the GETlean Gang (worth £19) - then £19/month for continued access (you can cancel anytime)

Here’s Exactly What You Get  

GETlean was original a premium package that sold for £497 limited to only a few individuals at any given time. That ruled out most guys aged 25-35 years old, and it didn’t place enough importance on the power of the GETlean Gang - our community.  

You’re not getting some watered down programme - you’re getting the very same 6-week plan that’s helped so many other guys transform their lives!

  • That’s the full 6-weeks of GETlean workouts delivered via the app each week 
  • All the nutrition guides, example meal plans and recipes you need to lose fat
  • Tracking within the app to help you stay on-track, and see how well you’re doing
  • BONUS: Full access to me for help and support inside the GETlean Gang Community for your first 30-days - it’s up to you whether you stick around or not, no pressure either way!

And to top it all off, you’re not just going to part with your money and then be sent an email with a link in (that’s just lazy)...  

I’m going to personally ship you your very ownFITbundle!  

Yep, you get this in the post. It’s a real thing - everything you need to get started is on your FITdrive (included in the FITbundle), and that comes inside your very own FITblurb water bottle (essential for your success).  

Not even my premium 1-1 clients have seen these yet, you’re the first to get your hands on them.  

And no, you’re not going to have to pay £497 to get your hands on this proven programme. Even if it was, it'd be a steal considering the life-changing transformation other guys have achieved it.  

For everything, you simply pay £497 just £67 + FREE shipping.  

And that includes your 30-day trial to the GETlean Gang (worth £19) which is the biggest reason so many other guys have succeeded. If you want to remain a member after the 30-days (and you will :) ) it’s £19/month, cancel anytime.  

Simply put, I don't want your money unless you're 100% happy with GETlean. That's why I'm prepared to let you try it for 30 days, and if you’ve done the workouts and followed the nutrition guides and meal plans, but not had any results, you deserve your money back! Just send me a message and I'll refund you your money - you can even keep FITbundle!  

Really, I want to remove all the risk here for you. So it either works for you and your happy, or it doesn’t, and you can have your money back (less our shipping costs to get it to you originally).  


*including shipping and your first month membership to the GETlean Gang (worth £19) - then £19/month for continued access (you can cancel anytime)

Answers to Common Questions

Do I need any equipment for the workouts?  

In short, nope. All the workouts during the 6 weeks just require your body (push-ups, squats, lunges, etc.). If you decide to stick around in the GETlean Gang, then some of the additional workouts you’ll receive may require some simple (and affordable) equipment.

What if I don’t know how to do an exercise?  

I’ve got you covered here. Inside the workout app, every exercise has a short demo video for you to watch. This’ll help you see the movement, and how it should be done properly - then you can go ahead and give it a go yourself.

I’m a fussy eater, will this work for me?  

Plenty of guys have joined this with the goal of eating a healthier, more varied diet - in fact, I never used to like veg and salad stuff. So if you’re open minded, and willing to stick at it, you’ll no doubt be fine. But if you’re not, then this probably isn’t for you.

What happens after the 6 weeks?  

Firstly, you’ll probably have changed your life for the better - celebrate it! But staying in shape requires continued effort. You’ll still have all of the GETlean material, and if you’ve chosen to remain part of the community, you’ll get ongoing help and support as well!  

Will this be too hard/easy for me?  

Every exercise can be modified to make it easier, or harder. So no matter where you’re at right now, we’ll be able to find a way to make this challenge you at correct level. Simply ask me for help in the GETlean Gang Community and I’ll help you sort this out.  

Can these workouts really be done anywhere?  

If you’ve got enough room to do a pushup, you’ve got enough room to do the workouts. So no need for any gym memberships, or having to be at any given location at a specific time - you do them where you want, when you want!

Do I need to buy expensive supplements?  

Not at all. Supplements are required at any point during the programme. Really, they should only be used to SUPPLEMENT an already spot-on diet. That said, I do touch on them during the programme as some people want them - It’s your call though.

How much fat can I really expect to lose?  

It really depends. Everyone is different, and everyone is starting at a different point - so it’d be wrong of me to guarantee any results. But, I’ve had tons of other guys successfully lose 10-37lbs over the 6 weeks - on average, about 1½ stone (and they’ve kept it off).

Still got a question? Get in touch...